Local Officers Toolkit

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What is an AFGE Local Officer’s Role?

AFGE Local Officers are elected by the members of their local to a leadership position: President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer. Members entrust their local officers to manage the local union and to work together to provide direction for the local. Local leaders’ short-term and long-term planning enables the union to best serve their members, grow the local and maintain active membership, educate the bargaining unit on the union’s activities and accomplishments, interact with management, and create growth opportunities for stewards and activists. Local officers also work with other locals, their District, and AFGE National to strengthen and grow our movement.

Webinar Instructor-led Trainings

Field Services and Education Department offers the instructor-led Webinars periodically. Please check back to see what courses are offering.

Online Self-paced Courses for Local Officers:

AFGE is committed to ensuring that officers have access to training and resources they need to serve their colleagues. This self-paced training course provides a first look at the responsibilities of a New Local Officer.