Steward Toolkit

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What is an AFGE Steward?

AFGE Stewards are working people who have volunteered to connect members with their union. It is the Stewards’ responsibility to know how the union works on behalf of its members, aid members in their workplace, and show how AFGE’s mission impacts public servants.

How do you become an AFGE Steward?

Stewards are elected by their peers or appointed to the position by the local. Consult your local’s by-laws to find out how you can learn more about becoming a steward. Stewards are critical to ensuring that AFGE members and all public servants are treated with dignity and respect at the worksite. AFGE Stewards build solidarity through personal relationships.

Webinar Instructor-led Trainings

Field Services and Education Department offers the instructor-led Webinars periodically. Please check back to see what courses are offering.

Online Self-paced Steward Courses

AFGE is committed to ensuring that Stewards have the knowledge and resources they need to serve their colleagues. These self-paced training courses provides a first look at the responsibilities of a Steward.