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CaseTrack Training Manual

AFGE CaseTrack is a free system offered to AFGE union representatives to help manage and keep track of cases, including grievances, unfair labor practice charges, EEO complaints MSPB and more.

Committee of Investigation Guidelines & Procedures

Through the use of this guide we believe you will be able to conduct the investigation with fairness, consistency, and justice, dismissing the charges when warranted and preferring charges when necessary.

Family Friendly/Medical Leave and FMLA

Every person will at one point face birth, death, or serious illness, whether it is through their own experience or those of a loved one. FMLA and DCFMLA were intended to benefit workers but they can be confusing. This manual provides an overall view of the different laws and regulations governing AFGE members working throughout large and small agencies.

AFGE’S Guide to Fighting Discrimination

Discrimination is the act of treating or considering an individual based on their protected class other than his or her merit. This manual helps members understand the EEO process and how they can fight discrimination in the workplace.

Hearing Manual for Internal Disciplinary Trials

Disciplinary actions should be undertaken only as a last resort, and only after the concerned members have made an honest effort to resolve their differences in other ways, such as by conflict resolution, by mediation through an outside party, or with the assistance of the District Office.

Official Time Booklet

AFGE’s Official Time Booklet: Time Well Spent - Myths and Facts About Official Time.

Sample Legal Brief

Sample legal brief relating to a demand for representation by the United States of a federal employee charged in a civil matter related to the employee’s scope of employment.

Trusteeship Manual

Imposing a trusteeship on a local or council is a serious undertaking, and the impartial conduct of a hearing on that imposition deserves close attention.

Women’s and Fair Practices Local Coordinators Handbook

On you have been appointed or elected a Local Women’s Coordinator and/or Fair Practices Coordinator, this is the manual you should read first.

Workers Compensation Booklet

This booklet is a concise explanation of what to do when you are injured at work or become ill as a result of your work. It is mean to help you understand the system and how it works.