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Federal employees have the right to a workplace free from recognized hazards [29 CFR 1960.8(a)]. When employees get hurt or become ill as a result of their job exposures, they are entitled to workers' compensation benefits, including medical care, wage loss replacement, and vocational rehabilitation, among others. Federal employees also have responsibilities—reporting injuries and illnesses, filing claims for compensation in a timely manner, and returning to work when medically cleared. These rights and responsibilities are not always communicated to employees, and if they are, the information may be inaccurate or misguided. Sometimes employees are denied the right to file, transmittal of their claims is delayed, claims are controverted, and employees are forced to return to work too soon for fear of losing their jobs. AFGE has developed training on the federal workers’ compensation program that is offered both in a classroom setting and online. The training provides an overview of the claims process, the benefits injured workers may receive, and the appeals process.


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