Health and Safety

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The AFGE Health and Safety Program focuses on keeping the federal workplace free from hazards that threaten the well-being of federal employees. AFGE emphasizes the need for agency health and safety programs that prevent injuries and illnesses.AFGE provides technical assistance to the many activists who serve as local officers, safety representatives, and health and safety committee members. Today, with decreased OSHA involvement in federal workplaces, employees must take an active role in keeping their workplaces safe for themselves and their co-workers.

Visit the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) website.

COVID-19 Guidance

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to threaten our communities and put government workers at risk, AFGE is calling on Congress to support key workplace protections and benefits for all federal workers.

Training & Education

AFGE is increasing health and safety awareness among our members through educational programs. AFGE conducts training in conjunction with districts, councils, and locals. In addition to traditional classroom programs, we also offer online training.

Webinar Instructor-led Trainings

The schedules of the online live courses are updated periodically. Please check back to see what are offering.

Online Self-paced Courses

These self-paced courses discuss the topics and subjects about the health and safety in the workplaces, related legal and regluations, and COVID-19 guidances, etc.


Program Review

AFGE thoroughly reviews and analyzes nation-wide agency health and safety programs, often providing comments and suggestions for improvement. Agency programs are evaluated to ensure maximum protection for AFGE members, including compliance with current standards and regulations, and full employee participation in the agency program.

Legislation and Regulation

AFGE participates in OSHA stakeholder meetings, evaluates proposed regulations and standards, and provides comments and testimony. AFGE also monitors proposed health and safety legislation, lobbying for measures that provide better protection for federal employees and against measures that weaken OSHA protection.

Technical Assistance

AFGE provides information to help activists resolve health and safety problems, prepare grievances, and negotiate health and safety protection. This includes researching exposure risks, health effects, and current standards, as well as making recommendations for abating hazards.