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NOW Strategic Bargaining Trainings and Materials

Collective Bargaining II: NOW Strategic Bargaining (PPT)

Module 2: Negotiation Skills (PPT)


What is Collective Bargaining

3 Types of Bargaining

Advance Notice

Can your agency simply demand that you meet them at the bargaining table? Learn how the concept of "Advanced Notice" can help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls associated with collective bargaining.

Impact and Implementation

How do you know when an agency proposal is negotiable? This video explains how impact and implementation applies to agency proposals to working conditions and terms of employment.

Management Rights

Management will often claim that certain areas of work are not subject to bargaining because it is classified as a 'management right.' In this video, you will learn how to respond to an agency claim that a subject is non-negotiable

The Service Model Versus Organizing Model

Resources and Research

AFGE Collective Bargaining Manual

The Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute URL

A Short History of the Statute URL Guides and Manuals URL

Searchable and printable version of the StatuteFile

Printable pdf version of the Pocket StatuteFile

FLRA Guidance on Information RequestsFile

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Fedsmill is designed for union representatives and the employees they represent.   It presents tips on how to enforce and expand their rights, highlight new developments in law and practice, and challenge some of the accepted wisdom, legal and otherwise, about how unions, federal employees, and management should interact.

AFGE CaseTrack

AFGE Collective Bargaining Manual: Appendix D, CaseTrack Ground Rules

AFGE has created an online database of AFGE contracts, grievances, and arbitrations, CaseTrack. For security purposes, no one  from the local can register as a user until the Local President has registered as a Local Administrator.  To do so, Local Presidents should email name, address, preferred email address, and desired username and password to Pick a username and password.  Your password should have at least six characters and at least one special character.  Also, please use personal email, rather than government email.